‘Kiawah Cares Has Been an Amazing Source of Support’

Kiawah Cares has been an amazing source of support as a partner of St. John’s High School this year. Kiawah Cares started the school year off by donating an oversized blow-up helmet/tunnel for our football team to run through at the start of a game. I cannot express the shock value and excitement from our players on the night of the first game when they finally saw the helmet and ran through it for the first time. The students could not stop talking about how exciting it was. At every home game, the players huddle together under the helmet, appreciating their one last team moment and then run through the tunnel to take on the field. The tunnel was something that I never imagined our team would benefit from so greatly, but it has truly brought our boys together.

Kiawah Cares has also been at our home games with professional photographers to photograph the players so that they have action shots to share with family and friends. Every week, students are eager to share the photographs of their success on social media. The weekly photographs have gone a long way with making our students feel appreciated. Unfortunately, St. John’s students are often forgotten about but Kiawah Cares has helped us start to change that climate. Students are finally getting the recognition they deserve and are truly excited to walk into our building everyday.

Kiawah Cares has not only supported the athletic programs but they have also provided amazing support for academics. This year Kiawah Cares donated funds for an action based field trip for many ninth grade students. The group went to Wild Blue Adventure Park and completed the high ropes course. There, they worked as teams and partners to complete various challenges. It was amazing experience that brought the class together – one that they still are talking about!

Every opportunity provided to our students by Kiawah Cares has directly benefited them in so many ways and I could not be more proud to have Kiawah Cares as a sponsor of St. John’s.

-Barbara Harpe, Athletic Director and Mathematics Teacher