Kiawah Cares Supporters

Thank you to all of our 2016 – 2017 supporters! We are so grateful for your generous support, which makes all our work possible.

Community Catalyst

Best Friends Fund
Kelly Family Foundation
Phillip L. Van Every Foundation

Community Champion

Larry and Sarah Barden
Norman and Beverly Black
Paul G. Broder/Broder Family Foundation
Budnick Family Collection featuring the photography of Susan Budnick

Stephen and Jane Payne
Ziegler Family Foundation

Community Benefactor

David and Barbara Singer/Schwab Charitable
Mr. and Mrs. John Skolds
Timbers Kiawah Development, LLC

Force for Change

Linda Keithan Fein
Marc Groothaert
Paul Haklisch
Charles and Brenda Larsen
George and Wandra Mackie/Foundation for the Carolinas
Bruce Stemerman
Winston Talbert


KCF Ambassadors

Annette Allen
Gregory Baird
Jeffrey and Kathleen Bixler

Peter Boneparth
Sam Bromage and Donna Porritt
Matthew Cabell
Leigh Cobb
Anne C Cotton
Cara David – In Memory of Rex Reed
Judith Davis
Richard and Bridget Eckerd
Sandra Finlayson – In Memory of Rex Reed

Thomas Flanagan
Ruth Flynn
Friday Walkers Golf Group
Maureen Gargiulo

Vivian Gernand
Rajan and Suman Govindan
Wayne and Maggie Grzecki
Dawn and Robert Hawley

G.R. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. William Hindman Jr.
Eric and Rebecca Hinkle
Roland and Mary Hoffman Sr.
William Ingram
Laurence and Jane Iwan
Jessica Jones Charitable Fund
Raymond Jones
Hugh and Margaret Mackie
Richard and Catherine Markee
James E. Martin
Lloyd and Marcia Morgan
Saunders and Joanne Morton
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McKeehan
James and Jane Ovenden
Stephen and Lauren Ploch
Pamela Pollitt
Edward and Maxine Purinton – In Memory of Rex Reed
Allen Reed
David and Marilyn Scott
Ulis Sipols
Regina Sommer
Thomas Spann
Stephen Spargo
Paul and Jeanette Troiano
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Watson
Wells Fargo Foundation

Friends of KCF

Virginia Abbott
Elizabeth Adams
Chubby and Patricia Baker
Betsy Benzel
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Amy Billerbeck
Marilyn Blizard

Aaron Bromage
Katherine Brooks
Kerry Byrne
Curtis Callan Jr.
David Cara

John Chapel
Michael and Doreen Chapman
Townsend Clarkson
John Connelly
James Costello

Ross and Melissa Cowan
Dixie Cowen
Paige Crane
Kay Crnkovich
Leila Cuthbertson
Thomas Diasio
Anthony DiBona
Steven Donohoe
Lois Feeley
Robert and Kim Fellner
Avril Fenwick
Ruth Flynn
Maureen Gargiulo
Dorothea Gilliam
Ofer Gneezy
Constance Grzanka
Ronald and Carol Hacker
Deidre Halberstadt

James Hatcher
Thomas and Jill Hazen
Elizabeth Hendy
Catherine Hill
Morna Hollister
Stephan and Janet Jansen

Carol Johnson
Raymond Jones
Sherry Karas

Dr. and Mrs. Doug Kemp
William and Dorothy Korb
Lisa Kunstadter
David and Catharine Ladner
Ginny Larence
Will Latimore
Pamela Levy
Lisa Livingston
Janis Lund
Witchger Family Trust
Linda Mayhall
Christopher and Mary Meyer
Margaret Michel
Kirk Moore
David and Cheryl Morley
Ms. Carolyn Mumma
Robert and Mary McElroy

Bruce Newton
Mary Jo Olthoff

Paula Ott
James and Jane Ovenden
Theodore and Victoria Phillips
Edward Pierson Jr.
Stephen and Lauren Ploch
Christopher and Elizabeth Power
Kathleen Power
Thomas and Cynthea Riesenberg

Jim and Judy Robinson
Martin Rose
Thomas and Wendy Rosenthal
Owen Ross

Katherine Rutledge
Robert Ryan
Walter and Geraldine Schlauch
MaryAnne Schuler
Holly and John Schurter
Mr. and Mrs. William Schwert
Anne Sherrill

Willa Small
Kimberly Smith
Theresa Smith
Charles and Lisa Snowden

Marcia Soldatos
Jane Stanek
Gail L. Strauch
Brian and Marilyn Sturgell
Diane Supple
Phillip and Marjo Tinsley

The Dayton Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John VanKirk
Terry and Craig Weaver
Catherine Wigdor
Stantley Williams
David and Ann Wolf
DH Wyld

Jennette Yates
Young, Clement, Rivers LLP/Karen Kerrison
Christine Zadik