Touch a Life, Connect Neighbors, Inspire Change

Each year, our neighbors on Johns and Wadmalaw islands are faced with staggering choices due to rural poverty. Many of them cannot afford to pay for things most people take for granted: secure housing, clothes or even food. But, when you support Kiawah Cares, you help support those most affected by rural poverty.

In 2017, your donations helped Devon, a student at Angel Oak Elementary, see her schoolwork. Devon had a difficult time reading, writing and participating in activities during class. She couldn’t read texts because she didn’t have the glasses she needed. She started to fall behind in class.

With your support, Kiawah Cares provided the glasses Devon needed. Her student support specialist wrote, “since she can read the texts now, her understanding and comprehension have improved. She is making so much progress now that she has her glasses and we are very thankful!