Kiawah Giving Month Repairs Community Bonds

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#0a7a6b Raised $41,305 towards the $35,000 target.

Many residents of Johns and Wadmalaw islands find themselves struggling with the burdens of poverty, set alongside the unprecedented growth of these rural communities. For the residents who are left behind, including children striving to learn despite a variety of socio-economic challenges and seniors unable to contend with their now substandard housing, the situation can seem hopeless.

The question becomes, how do we help repair the community bond for these individuals who are left without hope? This Kiawah Giving Month, in partnership with Communities In Schools (CIS) and the Community Home Improvement Program (CHIP Ministry), we hope to answer that question. These two programs offer compelling support for the community’s most vulnerable members. They cut to the root of the poverty cycle, providing student advocates for the future and compassionate help for the present.

CHIP Ministry repairs homes but they also reinforce seniors’ valuable place in these growing areas. By enabling seniors to remain in their homes, they not only honor the diverse history of the Sea Islands but they help restore the dignity of these individuals in need.

CIS student support specialists fight the poverty cycle with each and every child they assist. Though these students often overcome difficulties, such as lack of access to basic needs including food, shelter and clothing, they achieve amazing results. 98% of enrolled at-risk students are promoted to the next grade level and 98% of seniors graduate, an incredible testament to the importance of this work.

You can support these efforts by making a tax-deductible gift during Kiawah Giving Month. Our goal is to raise $35,000 to enable these initiatives to continue their important work. Of our goal amount, $20,000 would help fund student support specialist positions at Angel Oak Elementary and St. John’s High School, two schools predicted to have shortfalls in funding for the 2017-2018 school year.  $15,000 would go toward repairing homes for  six Sea Island seniors.

Repairing the community bond for these Sea Islanders is a difficult task, one that CIS and CHIP Ministry are fully prepared to take on. As we watch their work progress, we’ll get to see the bright future of the Sea Islands. In a future we can all help build, our neighbors can be healthy and safe, having seen their first generation break the cycle of poverty.

 The Kiawah Cares Foundation will match funds dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000, helping us get to our goal of stopping the poverty cycle that much faster. Any amount raised over the goal amount will be contributed to programs supporting Sea Island children.

Make your gift today and support the Sea Islands!