Kiawah Giving Month Fights Poverty on the Sea Islands



Do you want to make poverty a thing of the past for our neighboring communities? Do you want to help create a place where children thrive and progress, where the elderly remain in vibrant, safe communities, where no one is excluded from a chance at success? That’s the ultimate goal of Kiawah Cares’ work, and this year’s Kiawah Giving Month is an all-out effort to support our neighbors like never before.

The stakes are as high as ever on the Sea Islands, despite the recent influx of middle-class families. The cycle of poverty continues to take its toll, as evidenced by literacy struggles, low graduation rates and test scores, substandard housing and limited access to enrichment opportunities. All of these issues can be traced back to generational poverty.

Kiawah Cares has always supported programs committed to cutting out the root of the poverty cycle. This Kiawah Giving Month marks an increased focus on that goal. If met, our 2018 funding goal of $300,000 will create a comprehensive, strategic approach for the Sea Islands, including grants for literacy and arts education, student and parental support, and compassionate home services.

You can make this vision possible by making a tax-deductible gift during Kiawah Giving Month, starting May 1. This year’s program will support 10 organizations engaging in a multi-front war on the cycle of poverty, including:


You can make this comprehensive vision for a thriving and inclusive community a reality when you make a tax-deductible gift during Kiawah Giving Month. Don’t wait – give today for a brighter tomorrow!