Kiawah Family Dedicates Reading Center at Angel Oak

The Barden family of Kiawah Island launched the Sarah Burns Barden Angel Oak Literacy Initiative and dedicated the Burden Reading Room at Angel Oak Elementary School on Oct. 4, 2018.

“Our family has visited the Kiawah Island area since the early 90’s and consider ourselves so fortunate to have owned a vacation home on Kiawah since 2010. Our visits to Kiawah in recent years have allowed us to become better acquainted with, and develop a deep appreciation for, Johns Island and its community. During our time as a Kiawah Island homeowner, we also began to learn more about the Kiawah Cares Foundation and its outreach efforts with the Johns Island Community, particularly the local schools. The warm stories of Kiawah residents giving back to the local community made us want to get involved and we began to think about ways we might make an impact in the community.”

“As a past elementary and special education teacher, I have always had a deep appreciation for literacy and school reading book programs. Two years ago, Kiawah Cares coordinators helped us identify ways we could strengthen literacy in Angel Oak Elementary School. Thus, the creation of the Sarah Burns Barden Angel Oak Literacy Initiative was conceived.”

“We were fortunate that the needs of Angel Oak Elementary were a perfect match and that a major renovation project was also in progress at the school. In addition to this beautiful family reading center space, we are providing reading books for both the summer school camp and reading challenge programs that incentivize students to participate throughout the year in reading activities.”

“It is our privilege and with much joy that we are able to do so!”

-Sarah and Larry Barden